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Easy and relaxed

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Get a complimentary engagement session with your wedding package

Why would you get a complimentary engagement session when you book my wedding photography services?

Having photos taken is not for everyone, especially not men. And us women don't feel comfortable in front of the camera most of the time either. And, anyhow, who will be that photographer who you let into your private walls and document you on your big day?

At an engagement session we get to meet and know each other. Hubby-to-be can start to relax and you, wonderful future-bride, can calm your nerves and become assured that I will be your trusted person and my photos - your photos - will be something you want to look at and treasure forever.

This wonderful couple chose an engagement session with their children, as they will be the only ones witnessing the ceremony. Ooohhhh. So, we chose a day in late spring on their big farm near Wanaka and hung out together. Mama and kids in gumboots - totally fine. The more authentic, the better.

"My photo albums are full of photos of Matt and the kids. It's lovely to have a photo of me in it! I loved that Jeannine told me how to stand or that my hair wasn't in my face. I will totally trust her with our wedding photos - I appreciate people who care!" Nicole


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