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bespoke & classic

Gift a personalised book
guaranteed to make your
special person cry tears of joy.

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"Jeannine has a unique skill to take your best photos and writing and present these in one of the most stunning formats that you will value for the rest of your life and ultimately become a family treasure to be passed to future generations. Her presentation skills will amaze you."

L.S., Wellington (Recipient)


for those you love & honour

We create a gift that will truly be appreciated forever,


treasured photos and memories,

heartfelt stories and blessings.

Service & Book Package from NZD 1'500

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"I asked Jeannine for a great idea to gift my mother to her 75th birthday. She told me about a celebration book, which I loved straight away. Working with Jeannine was amazing. She is so enthusiastic and passionate about her work and love for photos and stories.

   From our first meeting to discuss the project, exchanging expectations and ideas, and Jeannine giving valuable advice while putting the book together until the finished product - Jeannine was highly organized and great to communicate with, which made the whole process super easy.

   The celebration book was received with a lot of tears - tears of joy!

   Thank you so much for creating such a special gift."

Chrissi, Wanaka (Client)


Read in full detail on the blog.

Request the Celebration Book Guide.

What makes this book a perfect gift for someone special?

This book celebrates the life of someone special by displaying a well-curated selection of personal photos and stories by people close to this person. It is a deeply personalised book that person will cherish forever.

How much does a Celebration Book cost?

The Celebration Book start at NZD 1'500. This includes managing the Contributors; book editing, design and shipping; the high quality book and a presentation box. Additional services like photo scanning and interviews are available (fees apply).

I am fairly busy with life and getting the Celebration organised. How much work do I need to do to help creating this book?

Life gets busy, I get it. To make it as easy as possible for you I recommend to keep the Questionnaire as a guideline for yourself. After a thorough walk-through the process you can leave the administration and design work up to me.

I will contact your potential Contributors on your behalf and follow-up with them on their stories and photos. You will be updated regularly to see the progress we made, yet your time commitment will be kept to a minimum.

I got printed photos I love to use for this Celebration Book project.

You can scan these photos at 600 dpi and email them to me. Or you hand over your selection of printed photos and I will scan these for you at an additional charge. You will receive the printed and digital photos back, once the project is finished.

What should people write about?

When we start our project I will provide you (or them) with sample stories and ideas.


Generally, think about a joint memory you (they) would love to share with that person. Or something you (they) appreciate or thank him / her / them for.

How many photos and text shall every Contributor provide?

Between 1 and 9 photos are fine. We try to fit them on one page, and the text (story) goes on the other page.


For some people it is hard formulating a story of some sort. Some may only provide a quote. However, the shorter the stories the deeper they should be or pages with stories from other contributors shall balance out the shorter stories.

If Contributors rather prefer interviews, these can be arranged at an additional charge.

I can only think of 12 potential Contributors

That is absolutely fine. We just want to make sure that these 12 contributors come up with deep and thoughtful stories, and not 'one-liners'. In addition, can you come up with old friends or mentors or someone the Recipient looks up to or admires? 

I know 70 Contributors but can only afford a book for 50 Contributors

Firstly, what about a shared gift, so you can share costs with other Contributors? 

Secondly, usually, not all approached potential Contributors will be able or willing to send photos and stories for this project. 

Thirdly, some will only send a short 'one-liner', which is not worth putting on a double-page. We then collect them and use one double page for all 'one-liners'.

What is the turnaround time?

It will take longer than you think. Ideally we allow for 3 months - from our first meeting to you holding your present - the Celebration Book - in your hand. This allows for a careful selection of Contributors and gives them enough time to rummage in their heads for fine and funny stories. It might be necessary to scan precious printed photos to add to the book. After that the stories will be proof-read and the book then sent to you digitally for you to read through (or shall I say ‘feel through’) and approve. Only after that it can go into print. Good printing, binding and shipping counts for a third of the time. 

A timeline looks roughly like this: 

Week 1 

You already received the Questionnaire after your complimentary free first consultation. At our next meeting we will finalize ideas, go through the process, narrow down the potential Contributors, sign the contract and and draw up a roadmap for the project. After you paid the first design service package and the book, the project can commence. I will send out the important First Email. 

Weeks 2 - 3 

I will be in regular contact with the Contributors. I will check text and photos for the right format and quality. 

Week 4 

As photos and stories are coming in, I will start uploading them and design the book. Now it is also time to contact the potential Contributors again, who haven’t replied in the first round of emails or still need guidance, chasing and follow-ups. 

Week 5 

I will keep designing the book and be in contact with Contributors whose photos or stories are lacking certain details. The third (and last) round of emails to unresponsive Contributors are going out this week. We may have to get more potential Contributors involved (you have these names on a list already as we went through the details and questionnaire in week 1). 

As soon as all contributions have reached my inbox and they are put into the book, all text will be proofread by an outsourced service. I will finish off the design. 

Week 6 

You will receive the book link for revision. I will adjust your concerned areas. After your final revision and approval  we are sending the book into print. It can take up from 3 weeks to 6 weeks. I will send out an email with a photo of ‘their page’ to each Contributor, as it is important to keep them in the loop and for them to actually see what wonderful gift they helped to create. 

Week 12 

Depending on our agreement, the book will turn up at my office, at yours or the Recipient’s place. I will send back all physical and scanned photos, memorabilia and stories as well as their digital copies. If you agree, I will delete all Contributor’s emails and personal files from this project off my system. If you think that this was a smooth experience and the book is a great gift, please spread the word so more people will be able to enjoy such a present.

Can I see the book before printing?

Yes, of course. You will approve the book before it goes into print.

I received a Celebration Book and would love to pass down one to each of my children as part of their legacy.

That is no problem. The photo book company I work with will be able to reprint your book at any later time.

Celebration Book - FAQ
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