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To honour a very special person.

"Jeannine has a unique skill to take your best photos and writing and present these in one of the most stunning formats that you will value for the rest of your life and ultimately become a family treasure to be passed to future generations. Her presentation skills will amaze you."

Lou S., Wellington



I am here to create a unique collection of stories and photos for your special person.

It is an extra-ordinary experience to be able to put together such a meaningful present - thanks to everyone who is contributing photos and stories for this special person. I am here to administer, collect and scan photos and stories and design the Celebration Book for you.

All Celebration Book contents stay confidential. The example photos shown have been approved by clients, contributor and recipient. Your privacy is important to me.



A big or any birthday

A wedding anniversary

A farewell book

A remembrance book


We are a big great team. It's the designer (me) and

The Client

That's you. At our initial meeting, we will discuss the purpose of the book, possible book vendors, and ways to stay in touch in the design process. You choose to communicate with the contributors or leave it to me (Book Designer).

The Contributors

The people you choose to be part of the project. They will be asked to send their personal photos and stories to me. I'll communicate with them directly if they have questions.

The Recipient

The special person the book is for. Make sure to only select contributors close to the recipient. Ideally he/she/they will not know about this present until the day of celebration.

With everybody's effort, we can put together this beautiful and comprehensive book within the set deadline. Choose Contributors with intent as their stories and photos will make the book purposeful and invaluable.

Celebration Book content page.jpg

A Content Page.

Left side can either be a quote or a photo.

Right side is the list of contributors.

Celebration Book long story.jpg

A Contributor's Page.

One side is the story.

Other side is or are the photo(s).



A Celebration Book project asks for a high level of collaboration (initially) and investment. Will the book likely to be valued and enjoyed?

Project Management & Design

My services include administration, project management, communication with the contributors, scanning, designing of the book, proofreading, printing and shipping to you or the recipient.


You may choose to do the project management part all yourself and deliver photos and stories to me.

I will design, print and ship the book to you or the recipient.

A great quality book is about NZD450 for 40 contributors (just the book). The time for my efforts is usually about 10 - 16 hours, depending on the level of cooperation and quality of photos and stories received and the amount of scanning and editing needed.


Currently, the hourly rate is NZD80. You will be charged for two service packages. The first one is due with signing the contract and contains 6 hours service. The second one (balance) will be due when the book goes into print.


I will give you a few options for a vendor. You will choose the photo book vendors you like best and purchase from them directly at the beginning of our collaboration. I can recommend a company to you based on my previous projects and experience.

Chrissi, Wanaka | Celebration Book Client

"I got in touch with Jeannine and asked her to create a celebration book for my mother's 75th birthday.


Working with Jeannine is amazing. She is so enthusiastic and passionate about her work and love for photos and stories.


From our first meeting to discuss the project, exchanging expectations and ideas, and Jeannine giving valuable advice while putting the book together until the finished product - Jeannine was highly organized and great to communicate with, which made the whole process super easy.


The celebrations book was received with a lot of tears - tears of joy!


Thank you so much for creating such a special gift."


Which photo book company do you recommend?

It depends what your preferences are. I usually look for quality, user-friendliness and whether we can get it done locally (New Zealand and Australia). Momento Pro is a wonderful company who produces in Sydney. Their website is informative and they have great customer service. Milkbooks is registered in Auckland but produces in Hongkong. Great quality and fast delivery times. For my German clients, I use Fotobuch.de but also recommend the italian vendor Graphistudio or SAAL

How many photos and text shall every contributor provide?

Between 1 and 9 photos are fine. We try to fit them on one page, and the text goes on the other page. For some people it is hard formulating a story of some sort. Some may only provide a quote. However, the shorter the stories the deeper they should be or pages with stories from other contributors shall balance out the shorter stories.

What should people write about?

When we start our project I will provide you (or them) with sample stories and ideas. Generally, think about a joint memory you (they) would love to share with that person. Or something you (they) appreciate or thank him / her / them for.

How much do you charge?

My hourly rate is currently NZD 80. From experience, a good-sized Celebration Book takes about 12 - 16 hours. That greatly depends on the cooperation of your folks to deliver at all, or in the right format and how much editing the text (stories) will need. Sometimes, there is time added for scanning printed photos and memorabilia before I can start designing the book.

Can I see the book before printing?

Yes, of course. You will approve the book before it goes into print.

I got printed photos I love to use for this book.

You can scan these photos at 600 dpi and email them to me or I scan these as part of the project. You will receive the printed and digital photos back, once the project is finished.

When will I receive my photo book?

How much does it cost per contributor?

In terms of costs for the book, it is about NZD20 per contributor, and for the design and service related costs, it's about 30 minutes per contributor - (NZD80 per hour divided by 2 = NZD40) - a total of NZD60 per person contributing to the book.