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A big family gathering

All they come together for Christmas

It's about every year around Christmas time when all children and their families are coming together to celebrate with the parents here in Wanaka. In total there are 12 grandchildren who see each other only then all together.

This wonderful big family makes it a tradition to get their photos taken professionally every year. One very talented and devoted daughter is then putting all photos together in photo books for the parents. I was told, every time the grandchildren come for a visit, they love going through the photo books.

Merry Christmas to this beautiful and vibrant family!

"You were so organised in your plan that it was so easy for us just to chill. We really love our photos. It was a shame it was so windy but you were so flexible that we just went with what you thought and we particularly liked how you helped us stand to relax and told us if our hair was out of place. I couldn't fault any part of our experience with you - thank you, Jeannine." Carolyn


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