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From East Germany.

And I can not get rid of my accent, sorry.
I moved to New Zealand in 2009 and took a few of the good German traits with me, like my great sense of humour and need for structure, order and punctuality. Sometimes, I try hard to fit in, like here, playing Rugby with my daughter.
Jeannine and Rugby Lily.jpg
Jeannine Family.jpg

With your kids. For your kids.

It makes us being seen, feeling valued and loved.
Standing in front of the camera and acting naturally doesn't come easy to me, especially not before wine o'clock. So, I feel you. But I believe it is important for our children, as they see who they are and where they belong.
That's my tribe, my kiwi partner Rob and we are blessed with three strong-willed teenagers. They can swear fluently in both languages. They are wonderful.
photo: Alpine Images


In case of a fire, I run for my photo books.
I love the whole process of taking photos, selecting the most meaningful ones and putting them together into a book, which tells our story. We got countless photo books and love remembering those past adventures, which make my children the person they are.

My phone photos are with Google photos by default not by choice. As part of my daily winding down time I go through my days' photos and delete the mediocre ones and star the keepers. Then, once a month I export all photos off of the phone and save them along with my big camera photos on my computer and server. Some of the keepers make it with some stories attached into photo books. 

Personally, I am still on the hunt for the perfect cloud service - one, that offers a safe haven for my precious photos and is also sustainable and kind to our world's resources - if that is even possible.
family holiday photobook.jpg
Tell me about your photos!
Can you find them easily?
Do they bring you the feeling of joy or overwhelm?

I am listening.

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