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So that your next generation can enjoy them the best.


"I'll do it one day!" But then you 'don't know where to start' and easily you 'are feeling overwhelmed'. I hear that a lot. There is heaps of information about photo organizing on the internet. There are webinars and books about it. Don't wait.

Should you feel that some personal guidance or a workshop in a small group setting would be the right way for you to get started, you may have found the right spot. 

Let's be honest, no one appreciates being left with boxes of unnamed and untamed photos. 

Are your photos living in shoeboxes or tin boxes somewhere in the garage or your wardrobe?

My services include personal guidance in sorting & organizing printed photos and digitizing printed photos

The first step in your journey to an organized photo collection is to get in touch via email or a 20-minute non-obligatory call. This gives me an idea about your current photo situation and your desired goals. We get a feel for one another and can decide whether we are the right fit for your project.

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I love working with ladies in my Mum's generation. They are wise and have a wealth of stories to share. I am here to listen but also to help them put these stories in the right place.


My goal is to make them feel comfortable to start tackling their treasure boxes full of photos and get them ready for the children and grandchildren. 

In these small workshops, we share stories along with learning the process in detail. Every lady walks home with a personal workbook and the right methods and inspiration to get started.


Do you need help with your DIGITAL PHOTO COLLECTION? Please get in touch and let me know where you feel stuck. A personalized digital photo management service is coming soon.

Now, your printed photos are organized (and digitized) and would like to make photo albums (by hand) or photo books (on the computer)? Pop over to PHOTO BOOK DESIGN services for ideas.

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