Let's turn your most precious photos and stories into your yearly family photo book -

for your whole family to enjoy.

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Let's create joy.

Hi, I am Jeannine, I have created countless photo books for our family and others. I love to help you enjoy your photos with - and for your children, too. Have you ever seen a child who does not like flicking through family albums and photo books? Let's get the photos off your phone and create - and therefore preserve - photo books with your memories.



You always wanted to make yearly photo books but then life happens or you do not know where and how to start. Or you simply have no creative bone or  time  at your hand.

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be mindful

How many photos do you need of a certain situation? Be mindful and also delete generously. Make it a habit, like while winding down with a cuppa of tea at night, weed through the photos you took that day.


collect monthly

Have a notebook or take notes in your yearly calendar - jot down places you went, things kids said (quote-worthy stuff, not the talking back bits), music and films you enjoyed as a family, and so on. Everything special you like to remember.


keep it simple

When it comes to designing the book, sometimes 'less is more'. Have a few chosen page styles and the same couple of fonts and use them throughout the book consistently.


You can design the pages at your heart's content or taste, but the focus should be on the photos and 'less is more' is a good rule of thumb. Background and fonts should not distract from the story either. I tend to go with a white background and some white space around the photos - it's easier on the eye and gives the photos 'room to breath'.

The Month Intro

When creating your yearly photo book, have in mind to split up the sections, like introduce each month, so viewers are not feeling overwhelmed. It is also helpful for including stories and putting events and situations into perspective.

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The One - Three Story

When it comes to designing the book, sometimes it's the less photos the better. Have a few page styles and the same couple of fonts and use them throughout the book consistently.

The One - One Story

If you want to showcase two big photos then you can have fun at full page's size and one a bit smaller, which gives it some breathing space.

PB The One - One Showcase.jpg
PT The One - Nine Story.jpg

The One - Nine Story

The clean arrangement and the white space around the collage of nine busy photos give the pages (and the eyes) some rest. 


Do you have no creative bone inside you or simply no time?


You decide on how much help you'll need. Please keep in mind that the biggest part is collecting your photos for the book, in case you haven't done it according to my above method (monthly organizing of photos). My hourly rate is NZD 80. For a rough guidance: Consultations 1 - 2 hours | Book Design about 4 hours | Photo Selection & Book Design about 6 hours. 


You love to create your family photo book yourself but need some guidance to get started and set up?

Book Design

I am happy to do the work by turning your photos and stories into your family photo book. You pay for the book of your choice. 

Photo Selection + Book Design

Your photos are a mess? I get it. I will go through and select the best to put in the photo book. You pay for the book of your choice separately. Admin & Design.


Which photo book company do you recommend?

It depends what your preferences are. I usually look for quality, user-friendliness and whether we can get it done locally (New Zealand and Australia). Momento is a wonderful company who produces in Sydney. Their website is informative and they have great customer service. Milkbooks is registered in Auckland but produces in Hongkong. Great quality and fast delivery times. Photobooknewzealand is part of Photobookworldwide and a cheap alternative with production sites in Malaysia. Their software is intuitive and easy to use. For my German clients, I use but also recommend SAAL

How many photos can I include?

There is no set rule and it depends on the length of the book. Let's say if your book has 100 pages and you put 5 photos per page (which can be sometimes 9 and then other times just 1 photo) minus the 12 month introductions and a content page - roughly 480. That sounds a lot first, but if you create a yearly family photo book and want to tell some stories with your photos, that's a common number (it's about 1.3 photos a day). Now, imagine you are going on a road trip or a tramp - you will need more photos to tell the story. Use only strong photos, which are meaningful to you (or the viewer) and evoke an emotion. Otherwise, people may get tired looking at the photo book.

I would like to include some text.

That is a great idea and I always recommend it. Most, no all, photo book company softwares allow to add text to a page. Sometimes, even just adding a place and date is very valuable. I strongly recommend that the more information or 'story behind' you can add, the more beneficial it becomes over time. If you use the above checklists, you can collect stories and take notes for your yearly family photo book over the year - so nothing will be missed.

I always wanted to get albums done. But I don't know where to start?

Don't wait any longer. Get your photos printed, ideally in a photo book or album. Kids (and grandparents) love looking through albums. First get all your photos from that year into one place. Then go through and select the ones which tell your story best and you would like to include in the photo book. Save them in a seperate folder on your computer. Do you want to include stories? Have the text written in word documents and save these with your photo folder (above). Then you choose a photo book vendor you are comfortable with and upload your photos.

How much do you charge?

After we agreed on working together you will receive a 30 minute complimentary consultation. You can decide how much you want to prepare your photo and story collection, which will be used for the book. After that, I allow to charge NZD 80 per hour for my services. You can choose a photo book vendor from my suggestions, you are happy with. You will pay them directly. We'll keep it clean and transparent.

How do I pay you?

When will I receive my photo book?