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Let's create joy.

Hi, I am Jeannine, I have created countless photo books for our family and others. I love to help you enjoy your photos with - and for your children, too. Have you ever seen a child who does not like flicking through family albums and photo books? Let's get the photos off your phone and create - and therefore preserve - photo books with your memories.

PB 1 PB Designer


You always wanted to make yearly photo books but then life happens or you do not know where and how to start. Or you simply have no creative bone or time at your hand.

Photos and Stories Family Photo Book.jpg
PB 2 Tips



be mindful

How many photos do you need of a certain situation? Be mindful and also delete generously. Make it a habit, like while winding down with a cuppa of tea at night, weed through the photos you took that day.


collect monthly

Have a notebook or take notes in your yearly calendar - jot down places you went, things kids said (quote-worthy stuff, not the talking back bits), music and films you enjoyed as a family, and so on. Everything special you like to remember.


keep it simple

When it comes to designing the book, sometimes 'less is more'. Have a few chosen page styles and the same couple of fonts and use them throughout the book consistently.


You can design the pages at your heart's content or taste, but the focus should be on the photos and 'less is more' is a good rule of thumb. Background and fonts should not distract from the story either. I tend to go with a white background and some white space around the photos - it's easier on the eye and gives the photos 'room to breath'.

The Month Intro

When creating your yearly photo book, have in mind to split up the sections, like introduce each month, so viewers are not feeling overwhelmed. It is also helpful for including stories and putting events and situations into perspective.

PB Month Intro.jpg
YFB sample page 1 - 3.jpg

The One - Three Layout

When it comes to designing the book, sometimes it's the less photos the better. Have a few page styles and the same couple of fonts and use them throughout the book consistently.

The One - One Layout

If you want to showcase two big photos then you can have fun at full page's size and one a bit smaller, which gives it some breathing space.

PB The One - One Showcase.jpg
PT The One - Nine Story.jpg

The One - Nine Layout

The clean arrangement and the white space around the collage of nine busy photos give the pages (and the eyes) some rest. 

PB 3 Layout Ex.
PB 4 Services

Do you have no creative bone inside you or simply no time?


You decide on how much help you'll need. Please keep in mind that the biggest part is collecting your photos for the book, in case you haven't done it according to my above method (monthly organizing of photos). My hourly rate is NZD 80. For a rough guidance: Consultations 1 - 2 hours | Book Design about 4 hours | Photo Selection & Book Design about 6 hours. 


You love to create your family photo book yourself but need some guidance to get started and set up?

Book Design

I am happy to do the work by turning your photos and stories into your family photo book. You pay for the book of your choice. 

Photo Selection + Book Design

Your photos are a mess? I get it. I will go through and select the best to put in the photo book. You pay for the book of your choice separately. Admin & Design.

  • What is your style?
    I document. And I direct. I will make you feel look gorgeous and not worry about the arms or chin. It will be a cohesive blend of storytelling and portraiture. That way you get photographs, which show your and your guests personalities - the connections, the moments and expressions and the details. You will get a nice set of portraits but we keep that short and sweet, so you can spend more time with your loved ones and guests.
  • Can we meet before our wedding?
    Absolutely. Best way to get to know each other is the complimentary engagement session. When the wedding day comes along, I will be a friend you are familiar with, not a stranger, who is taking photos of your big day. However, some of my clients travel from overseas to get married in Wanaka. Therefore, I am also available via Skype, phone, email and Whatsapp, Facetime, you name it. Above all, it's very important to get a feel for each other and see whether we are a good match.
  • How do we book with you?
    A signed contract and payment of 30% deposit takes your reserved date officially off the market.
  • Can we provide you with a shotlist?
    Yes, please. You will receive a questionnaire in the lead up where I will ask you if there are any specific photographs and group constellations that are important to you. Apart from that, I aim to capture your wedding day as it is; the small and the big moments.
  • When and how many photographs will we get?
    After we book in your session, I will block out the following week to fully concentrate on editing your photographs. So, usually, within 7 days of your wedding day you can expect to sit back with a bottle of bubbles and enjoy your photographs in your private online portal. Your photographs are carefully edited and curated to 50 to 80 per hour coverage, sometimes more. I do not put a maximum on the photographs I deliver, so the final count will vary, but I promise I won't leave anything important out. I will have your photographs backed up on my end, but I highly recommend you download your full gallery and back them up yourself as well. You will receive personal printing rights. However, if you need help with printing or album-making, I am here for you. I know, life gets in the way...
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