Grandma and child looking at family phot

Family Photo Books

In our fast-paced lives, we easily forget the little and big moments from the previous year(s). Having them documented and printed gives your child and you the chance to relive and talk about family adventures and happenings.

Your child feels loved and finds her space in the family.

"We have some old photo albums and many yearly family photo books my daughter sends us every Christmas. When my grandchildren come to visit they love sitting on the sofa with me and go through these albums and books. So many family stories are being shared this way." Leanne.

You have

No time to sit down and weed through all your photos for a family photo book because you are juggling kids, work, activities and your family dog? Or you have  no creative  bone inside you, or just don't know where to start?

You want

to get your

I help turn your most precious photos into your yearly family photo book - for your whole family to enjoy.

Book + Design

You would love to have yearly family photo books but find no time to make them. I am happy to do the work by turning your photos and stories into your family photo book. Includes 80 pages.

NZD 600

Local Workshops

During term 4 we meet eight times once a week and prepare our photos and stories for this years' photo book, so you have it finished just after Christmas and ready to be printed. Let's stay inspired and work through it together.

NZD 200

Book + Design + Selection

You would love to have your family photo book created for you and send me all your photos of the year. I will go through and select the best to put in the photo book. Includes 80 pages.

NZD 750


You love to create your family photo book yourself but need some guidance to get started and set up? 2 hours.

NZD 160