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wet feet and unplugged

An overnight trip with two keen trampers and their walkie talkies

What little tramping adventures are easy to do from Wanaka? We got asked this question a lot. About 2 hours away from Wanaka, coming over Lindis Pass, then into the valley to the left is the Ahuriri Conservation Park with several daywalk or overnight options.

In summer 2017 we decided to tackle Hideaway Biv, nestled in a secluded spot surrounded by Matagouri and tussock. The girls, age 6, packed their little backpacks with some hut clothing, snacks and a walkie talkie each. We started the 2-hour walk with a crossing of the Ahuriri river. And we ended the walk with yet another crossing of the little Snowy Gorge Creek. This little cute Biv got built more than 100 years ago and restored by DOC recently. It had 5 beds, a little table and a house mouse.

When the kids arrived at the hut, they loved to get everything organised - pulling out sleeping bags and getting their bunk snug for the night before heading out to explore the hut surroundings. Our go-to meal for easy overnight trips is pasta, pesto with Cabanossi.

It is so good to get away from the urban world and devices and electricity and go back to some old forms of entertainment. We love playing cards. In the mornings us girls usually stay snug in bed until Dad has the hot drinks and Porridge ready. Packing up and leaving the Biv fully rested and charged, we were back home in the afternoon.

What is your favourite weekend tramping hut to go to?


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