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Phototour on Stewart Island

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Joining a group of photographers exploring the outstanding landscape of Stewart Island

Mason Bay, Stewart Island at sunset

LEAD PHOTOGRAPHER | Rob Brown Wilderness Phototour

LOCATION | Stewart Island, New Zealand

STORY CAPTURED BY | Jeannine Tuffin Photography

It is spring in New Zealand and the equinox winds are still blowing in southern New Zealand. These are the winds that have sculptured the Mason Bay sand dunes into such an incredible landscape. This photography assignment was all about immersing into this wild and beautiful landscape and capture the experience of a bunch of very talented photography students who Rob had brought together for this unique tour. All of them have done several photo tours and all were looking for a truely wild experience on this island, where they could take their photograph to another level. As with all Rob's trips, they were also able to enjoy his exceptional backcountry culinary skills.


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