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Sunday at the beach

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Family Lifestyle Photography | Christchurch, New Zealand

Going to New Brighton Beach in Christchurch for a photo session was quite special to me as we used to go there when we were still living in Christchurch. Really miss the sand and kelp (well my garden does). This year we chose the beach. Isabelle, I love seeing you and your brother grow up!

"We had our family photo session with Jeannine on New Brighton beach. We basically just went and had a family play around the beach, playing with the kids and having fun. Before long, you didn't even realise Jeannine was there taking photos. It was effortless and natural. We finished off with some staged photos by which time everyone was feeling relaxed and happy. The results are fantastic. Thank you so much, Jeannine." Rowan.


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