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Easy way to honour your child's artwork

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Follow these simple steps right from the start.

Digitize drawings and collect these in a photo book.
My daughters artwork book and a selection of drawings.

Step One: Name and date every worthy piece of art. Pile it.

Step Two: Make it a habit and scan or photograph them periodically.

Step Three: Part with 80 % of the artwork.

Step Four: Create a folder on your computer for each child per year.

Step Five: Capture your child making art.

Step Six: Create a digital (or physical) photo book with a selection of her art work.

The only way my daughter would settle in at preschool was to sit at the art table and produce a painting or two. Every day. I soon realised that art is an important way for her to express herself and to make sense of her world.

Grouping the artwork into piles by age / year.

I started collecting her art work (I also still have her very first drawing) in piles and would photograph them, save them in a folder on my computer - per child per year - keep the best and discard 80 %.

Example of folders containing my child's artwork by year.

I have done so with every piece of artwork from both children. My obsession for documenting their lives comes in handy. The key was and is to date name each paper immediately, pile them and take your time to scan or photograph them. That way it doesn't become too overwhelming. Especially if you are raising more than one little Picasso.

Over the years it was quite fascinating to watch her style and skills evolve. How best to honour and display her artwork rather than in a box? A photo book. I figured that by the age of ten she'd have quite a selection, which was worth preserving and honouring. So, at her 10th Birthday she got her personal art book. Very special.

Artwork as original and in the book.
The drawing photographed for the book.

As with every photo book project deciding on which photos to use in the current book is the most time-consuming part. However, as all of my children's artwork was already chronologically digitized, it was a matter of minutes to select the best. Then uploading, putting them together in a layout and add years and comments.

Capture your child being creative.

One great idea is to add photos of your child making the artwork, which gives you a good reference. And it loosens the topic up a bit. Makes it more interesting.

Back of the book.

It may not be perfect. But it shows your child that you honour his or her creative side. It can boost her confidence and show what long way she has come already. It's a great and tidy way to preserve her artwork.

I am not entirely convinced about making it into a softcover book as it is not as sturdy and hard to keep the pages open. Especially for tiny hands.

Enjoy making the book for your child!


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