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DIY or hire a Pro?

When to decide to get professional help

You love taking family photos. And you take lots. Some you put up on Facebook or send to family members via WhatsApp but most are never to be seen again and yet clog up your camera roll.

5 years ago you made one baby book for little Johnny and that was it. Now, little Johnny is not so little anymore, let's say 8, and his little brother is already 3. His little brother never got one single photo book done.

Sounds familiar? Don't you worry. You are not alone. And you can start today. These days there are apps popping up like mushrooms which makes it sound amazingly easy to create photo books straight from your phone. If that sounds like your cup of tea - that is great. Done is better than perfect! Just start.

Sometimes, though, we may feel a bit overwhelmed and don't know where to start. Maybe your iCloud is full (And what was the password again?) or the hard drive with the backup has failed or you can not find the photos you really want to use for your book project.

Then it's best to get help for the parts that make you feel stressed and overwhelmed.

Do you need help with the technical parts on your phone or computer? Why not ask your 14-year-old? You are clueless about which online book company to go with? Ask around in a local FB Mum group or check out tutorials on Youtube. You can easily get a feel for which one is best for you. Or try out a book vendor that looks good for you and test it with a small book project.

If, still, that is not your thing or you have no time, skill or creative bone inside you, you may want to consult a professional. But here are a few points you should consider first:

Your expectations. As said above: 'done is better than perfect'. Which level of quality is right for you for your certain photo book? Also, do you have the skillset to make it look the way you want?

Your time. How much time can you spare to get this photo project done? Is there a certain deadline you want to meet?

Your computer and software knowledge. How much are you willing to learn new software? Also, are all your photos needed all in one place so you can easily find them? Or do they need to be all brought into a hub first?

Your family and friends. Can anyone give you a hand? Sometimes it is a great idea to involve the children and grandchildren in a photo book project. Check their availability and priority lists first though.

Your budget. How much are you willing and able to spend on this project?

Sometimes it may be better to work together with a professional designer. Here are some things to consider:

His / her / their reputation. Ask for references and get a feel for how timely and proficient the communication and collaboration are.

His / her / their price. Hiring a Pro will be much more costly than DIY.

Your peace of mind. Knowing that your project is in good hands can put your mind at ease. You can enjoy doing things you love while your book gets designed by a Pro in a far more time efficient style.

If you need help or have a question, let’s chat in a complimentary consultation. Get in touch via I am here to help.


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