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Be present in the moment

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Preserve your memories

Enjoying time with them and being fully present brings back the feelings of that moment

Being fully present in the moment and take everything in is a wonderful way of staying mindful and connected. Way to often I catch myself picking up my camera or phone and try to photograph that scene instead of just enjoying it. If I do a bit less clicking and am a bit more present in the moment, we will end up with some meaningful photos, which are filled with real emotions and fun memories.

A common scene.

On my own journey of taking photographs with more intent, I can see which situations are typical for my tribe and will occur again. Children repeat behaviour. Then I rather enjoy that moment. Being mindful and present gives us the chance to relive the feeling of that particular moment when looking at the photos later on.

Do you take notes or keep a diary for the children? That's another way of capturing your precious moments. Your notes will bring back memories too. So, don't feel guilty if you are not taking many photos. I have been doing both (I am kind of a documenting nerd...I even got a notebook with all their funny quotes, which makes us laugh a lot and often) as it kept my brain in some sort of order. I could never remember which twin baby did what a day ago. So I wrote a line a day for each child since they were born.


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