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Because snuggling up on the sofa with
your digital photos is just not the same.

In our fast-paced lives, we easily forget the little and big moments from the previous year(s). Having them documented and printed gives your child and you the chance to relive and talk about family adventures and happenings.



I am constantly working on how to document
memories beautifully
in little time.

Because I know that life just happens. Hi, I am Jeannine and I love to help you enjoy your photos with - and for your children. Find inspiration and tips or just hand me over your messy bundle and you'll receive your family photo book(s) delivered to your coffee table.


You finished the baby book for child one, but then life just happens. And now, child two is five and has no photo book yet at all. It all feels overwhelming?

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"We have some old photo albums and many yearly family photo books my daughter sends us every Christmas. When my grandchildren come to visit they love sitting on the sofa with me and we go through these albums and books. So many family stories are being shared this way."

Leanne, Wanaka


First 30 minutes complimentary. To figure out what you need and help you hatch a plan.


Offering you guidance, help and accountability, mainly a DIY approach.

Book Design

You receive a full book design service.

Photo Selection + Book Design

You receive a full book design service. Beforehand you will get help getting your photos selected for this project.


You decide on how much help you'll need, either some coaching or the full service. Hourly rate: NZD 80.

"We lived for 18 months in Wanaka before returning to Switzerland. Jeannine understood how precious these memories were for us and created a wonderful photo book of our time here that captured this chapter in our lives. It's always on top of our coffee table and reminds us of our deep connection with our friends in Wanaka."

Veronica, Switzerland | Photo Book Design Service



Your first photo book? Whether you decide to create a book about a year or just a trip or even a week in your life, get started with a small project.

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What is important to you - user friendliness, quality or price or other aspects? There are many photo book vendors out there - I tested a few.

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An easy few steps to start today. Create a routine that suits you and then do these little things - every day.

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I always wanted to make photo books, but I do not know where to start!

Don't wait any longer. Get your photos printed, ideally in a photo book or album. Kids (and grandparents) love looking through albums.

Start by choosing the year or activity or theme and then select the photos you love to have in the album. If that all sounds overwhelming or you feel like you have no time or creative bone left, let me help you.

How much do you charge?

After your 30 minutes complimentary consultation you will be charged NZD 80.


You can choose a photo book vendor from my suggestions, you are happy with. You will pay them directly. We'll keep it clean and transparent.

Which photo book company do you recommend?

It depends what your preferences are. I usually look for quality, user-friendliness and whether we can get it done locally (New Zealand and Australia).


Momento is a wonderful company who produces in Sydney. Their website is informative and they have great customer service.


Milkbooks is registered in Auckland but produces in Hongkong. Great quality and fast delivery times.


Photobooknewzealand is part of Photobookworldwide and a cheap alternative with production sites in Malaysia. Their software is intuitive and easy to use.


For my German clients, I use but also recommend SAAL

How many photos can I include?

There is no set rule and it depends on the length of the book. Let's say if your book has 100 pages and you put 5 photos per page (which can be sometimes 9 and then other times just 1 photo) minus the 12 month introductions and a content page - roughly 480.


That sounds a lot first, but if you create a yearly family photo book and want to tell some stories with your photos, that's a common number (it's about 1.3 photos a day). Now, imagine you are going on a road trip or on holiday - you will need more photos to tell the story.


Use only strong photos, which are meaningful to you (or the viewer) and evoke an emotion. Otherwise, people may get tired looking at the photo book.

I would like to include some text.

That is a great idea and I always recommend it. Most, no all, photo book company softwares allow to add text to a page.


Sometimes, even just adding a place and date is very valuable. I strongly recommend that the more information or 'story behind' you can add, the more beneficial it becomes over time.


If you use the above checklists, you can collect stories and take notes for your yearly family photo book over the year - so nothing will be missed.

Can I make changes?

Yes, of course. There will be two rounds of revisions where you can suggest changes. Or more if needed. I want you to love your photo book.

When will I receive my photo book?

Usually around three weeks after we send the book into print and the invoice is settled.