So that your next generation can enjoy them the best.


Here at PHOTOS AND STORIES I make it easy for busy families and elderlies to organize their photo collections, memorabilia and family stories. Let's be honest, no one appreciates being left with boxes of unnamed and untamed photos. 

You choose between full or partial photo curation service at your home or the popular 'sip and sort workshops' here in Wanaka or together with some friends at your home where you learn best practices to work on your photo collections yourself. Let's schedule a call to discuss your needs and determine the next steps. 


Do you enjoy tackling your photo mess by yourself? There are some helpful articles on the blog. Or would you love to learn the basics in a warm and supportive group setting?


Get started by coming to one of the popular local 'sip & sort' workshops where you will get equipped with your personal road map and meet others to share stories and ideas and keep motivated. 

Perfect for a nice bunch of

ladies above 60.

You love to keep control and some guidance from me? After a thorough assessment, you will receive a personalized step-by-step action plan to suit your goals, technical skills and personal preferences.

Ideal for Mums and Grandmothers who got enough time and endurance to tackle their photo collections themselves. They value personal support when they feel stuck.

You have no time but are worried about how to pass down your boxes of photos and scattered family stories to your children.


You are happy to receive a well-sorted collection, including (or not) personal comprehensive photo books for generations to enjoy. 

Just right for busy families and elder generations who prefer enjoying their time and photo collections but not organizing them.


Do you need help with your DIGITAL PHOTO COLLECTION? Please get in touch and let me know where you feel stuck. A personalized digital photo management service is coming soon.