Is it usually you, who takes the photos? Same.





if you had a photographer aka friend, who knows what you like or fear most, organizes your sessions around your needs and puts you in the picture beautifully. All you need to do is, get in touch, have a wonderful time with your family, enjoy your photographs readily printed, framed, photobook-ed. Enjoy. Repeat. 


personal holiday photobook.jpg

This winter I created a photo book of one of our most memorable trips to Lake Constance (Bodensee) when the children were 4 years old. That is one of my favourite places and it was important for me to show my children this beautiful part of the world. Only when we held the book in our hands and went through it for the first time, we realised that there was not a single photo of me. It made me feel very sad.

Mamas out there, I'd like you to get in the photos more often. Maybe your children or hubby can take some snaps of you every now and then. Just show that you were there too! And, occasionally, ring your trusted photographer and get your family photos taken.

Hurry, before you kids are grown up.

Mama and daughter hugging.jpg

"I wanted photographs that show the connection with my children." Jenny, Christchurch

wanaka winter family lifestyle session
Children at beach
father and kids lifestyle
young family with baby portrait
baby boy and family dog
15-04-21 Avaline shoot-18
girl having fun jumping on bed
family portrait in forest


"Jeannine photographs our family since our daughter was born. She knows exactly what photos we want.

Jeannine helped us personalising our home with our photos, so we get to enjoy them every day."

mother daughter fun.jpg
family beach session.jpg


My goal is that you trust me and see me as a friend, who knows exactly what you fear the most and what you love to get out of your photos. I am there for you. I will craft a session plan to make it pain-free for hubby and short and sweet for the children.


And for you, Mama, I will make sure you feel relaxed and look fabulous in the photos.

In order for it to look relaxed and spontaneous, I have to give you lots of prompts and directions. But it's worth it. You'll love your photos because they will show your personalities, not fake smiles. 

When you book a session with me, I am 100% yours and dedicate my time and creativity fully to you, your session and your photos. I'll get them curated and ready for you within two days. 

And if you don't like your photos -

I pay you the session fee back.

You'll get a complimentary framed photograph of your choice because it is important to me that you have a beautiful and professionally framed photo - without the hassle of getting it done yourself.

A framed photo with every session. On me.


Session Fee


secures our date

covers a framed

photograph of your choice


Session up to 1.5 hrs

Collage Frame



professionally framed

with your favourite nine photographs of your session.

Comes with the respective digital photographs.

Photo Books

start at $500

20 pages

hard cover, 8x11"

with the photographs

of your choice.

start at $400

A second copy for your parents or other family members

Comes with the respective digital photographs.

Digital Collection


all (up to 80)


10 photographs

for you

to print at your own leisure and as your personal back up.

How would you like to enjoy your photographs?

Let's see how I can help you.




Photo Session

family session wanaka winter.jpg

We know how quick they grow up. Let's get together, map out what you love doing and then make it a relaxed yet memorable photo session in a place meaningful to you.


Photo Session

extended family 70s birthday.jpg

You are meeting up with your extended family here in Wanaka on holiday or for a birthday celebration? Get this special time captured.


Photo Session

Mama and daughter cuddle fun.jpg

Celebrate the love and bond between you and your child. It's not often that you get to be relaxed and in the photos.


What is your style and approach?

I love for you to get a balanced mix of some posed and mostly relaxed and authentic photographs. It is important to me to get to know your family before your session, so I can create a loose session plan which suits all your personalities and vibes. I will create opportunities for fun and playful interactions, cuddly moments and beautiful connections between all of you. I direct and guide you guys but also observe and document, ultimately, being able to show you who you are, not only how you look like. It's a blend of documentary and lifestyle photography. And with your session fee comes a framed photograph of your choice. I wish for you to have a beautiful photograph ready to display. It's on me.

How do we book with you?

After we've decided that we are a good team, you'll sign your contract and pay the retainer (session fee) of $200 to secure your session date and time. Rescheduling. We would like your children to feel at their best. If your child is not feeling right or sick, please get in touch and we will arrange for one other day. I appreciate you keeping a sick child to yourself. Vice versa I would reschedule if I am sick in order to not pass anything on to your family.

How can we prepare for our photo session?

After you filled out or in your questionnaire, I will create a session plan tailored to your family. This evolves around favourite family activities or daily routines and locations meaningful to you. Your home does not need to be tidy and meticulous everywhere, but I may push away bits and pieces, which would otherwise only distract in the photo. Please wear whatever you and your family feel comfortable in. Clothes should rather compliment than match. However, for some formal portraits, clothes with big logos would be distracting.

When and how many photographs will we get?

When you book a session with me, I am 100% yours and dedicate my time and creativity fully to you, your session and your photos. I'll get them curated and ready for you within two days. You can expect around 70 photographs, which will be ready for you to view in your private online gallery. Your gallery will be open for three weeks and gives you the opportunity to go through and decide what you would like to do with your photos. If you need help and inspiration, I am there for you.

But I do not feel comfortable being in the photo.

Mama, I got you. Me too. I needed half a bottle of bubbles to feel relaxed. Whatever works for you. I am here to guide you and tell you how to move or pose in order for you to look relaxed and yet beautiful. The chin, the arms, ... I know. Trust me. PS: Your children love you in the photos - no matter what - they see your heart, your love and soul. But I'll do my best to make you see the same.

How long does a session take?

That depends on you and your family. You might be worried that children act up and hubbie doesn't like being in photos either. We can make it short and sweet or take our time. I would allow up to 1.5 hours in order to get a nice variety of relaxed, fun and posted photographs.