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The last thing you want to worry about
is to capture your precious lot.

family gathering grandparents with grand


It was already hard and dear enough to get everyone to Wanaka for your big family gathering or celebration. The last thing you want to do is to spend time and money finding a photographer. But think twice. You do not get together that often. Wouldn't it be priceless, to relax and fully enjoy your gathering and get this day or afternoon captured? I would love to be there for you. And because I know how time-consuming it can be to get photos printed and framed - you get one framed photograph of your choice. Maybe for your parents? You like having your photos in a beautiful photo book? Another passion of mine.

"You were so organized in your plan that it was so easy for us to just chill and be called upon for our photos. We particularly liked how you helped us stand to relax. We love our photos which we got up on our wall and enjoy daily."

Carolyn, Wanaka | Extended Family Photo Session
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Photo Session

You are meeting up with your extended family here in Wanaka on holiday or for a birthday celebration? Get this special time captured.

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NZD 200

The Session Fee includes a framed photograph of your choice because I wish you only the best.

framed photograph comes with session fee


10 | NZD 400

100+ (all) | NZD 800


Frames 20" and up
start from NZD 500

comes with the 

respective digital



High Quality Book incl. Design

start from NZD 1'000

comes with the 

respective digital


What is your style and approach?

I love for you to get a balanced mix of some posed and mostly relaxed and authentic photographs. Where possible. I understand, you gather with your loved ones and your time is precious.


According to our initial communication I will aim to keep the posed photos short and sweet. You decide whether I should stay around to capture the atmosphere and personalities of your family members.


With your session fee comes a framed photograph of your choice. I wish for you to have a beautiful photograph ready to display. You can choose to get a photo book of your day, which is an additional service I would love to provide.

But I do not feel comfortable being in the photo!

Mama, I got you. Me too. For our family photo session, I needed half a bottle of bubbles to feel relaxed. Whatever works for you. I am here to guide you and tell you how to move or pose in order for you to look relaxed and yet beautiful. The chin, the arms, ... I know. Trust me.


PS: Your children love you in the photos - no matter what - they see your heart, your love and soul. But I'll do my best to make you see the same.

How do we book with you?

I'll email you a contract and a payment link for the $200 retainer (session fee). Just follow the instructions and we are good to go.

How can we prepare for our photo session?

That is not about a session but about your family gathering. In a meeting prior to your gathering you'll tell me everything I need to know in order to get the photos done with least interruption of your celebrations. 


You are probably all dressed up nicely anyway. Just be yourselves. I will guide you through the posed portraits, so you can soon relax and enjoy your get together again.

How long does a session take?

Well, that depends how many family members there are and how many group photos you wish to get. Let's say one hour. If you wish to get more candid photos, then add another hour.

When and how many photographs will we get?

When you book a session with me, I am 100% yours and dedicate my time and creativity fully to you, your session and your photos. I'll get them curated and ready for you within three days.


You will get between 75 and 150 digital photographs (depending on the size of the family), some set in black and white. These photographs will be presented to you in a private online gallery.


You will get a link to your private online gallery within a day of your session. Your gallery will be open to you for 30 days. From there you can choose which digital photographs or frames or prints you wish to purchase. One photograph (your choice) will be printed for you - or your parents - complimentary.

We would love to send a beautiful photo gift to our parents (the jubilant)

What a great idea. How about a matted or framed photo of your choice or even a nice photo book which holds the most memorable photos from your celebration / gathering. If you need help with the design please get in touch.

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