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never in the photo.

Selfies don't count, precious Mama.

Be in the photo - with your children. For your children.

the family historian.

But don't know where to start with your family photos and stories?

Or does the next generation even bother with your collection?

way behind with your photo books.

Your first child got a photo book, but number two or three don't?

Welcome, peace of mind.

I am Jeannine, your photographer, who cares about your photos.


What do I know?

I took too many photos.

Of my children. Of everything. For years. I was bad at deleting photos, too.

I was the one taking the photos.

Once we came back from a family holiday and there was not a single photo of Mama (me).

Then, a loved one passed away.

And I was left with a messy estate to sort. It drove me into depression and I felt overwhelmed. For a year, I went into save mode and could only deal with my daily life. Just. I slowly got out of it when I realize:


What legacy do you want to pass on to your children?

I consciously make sure

to be in the photos regularly. 

My kids are old enough to take photos from their perspective. We get professional family photos taken. I use a remote for my phone,

so no one even realizes when I am snapping some candids.

Interviews with family members.

I chose questions and topics to ask beloved ones. I am recording their answers for my children, so they will remember

or understand where they come from.

A system to manage our digital legacy.

I learned how to organize our digital footprint. Also, nothing lasts forever, so I made sure to create yearly photo books.

For them to own gratefully

When our children are ready to head out into the world

they will get a well-curated and meaningful set of books of family photos and stories. That is my passion project.


Jeannine Family.jpg

Do I want them to feel the same? That motivated me to create a simple system and routine.


to help modern Mamas like you to have photographs of you with your children.


I also support and guide your Mamas to create a photo legacy they are proud to pass down - and you are happy to receive and appreciate from the bottom of your heart. For your children.

The first 30 minutes are on me. 

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