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You are never in the photo, precious Mama? Selfies don't count! Be in the photo - with your children. For your children.

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You are a chillaxed and funny bride and have never been to Wanaka? You are after a trusted location scout and photographer? Come and check me out.

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You are way behind with your photo books? Your first child got a baby book, but then number two and three don't? Find clarity and get started.

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You know a very special person who truly deserves a very unique gift? What about a well-curated selection of photos and stories from people close to your special person?

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Welcome, peace of mind.

I am Jeannine, your photographer, who cares about your photos.



to help modern Mamas like you to have photographs of you with your children.


to get you on track to create those photo books for your family, without feeling overwhelmed.

The first 30 minutes are on me. 

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